The Pandemic isn’t Over

I know, I know. This space is supposed to be chill vibes and good times, so why pick a topic that’s so divisive? I’m beginning to hate the word divisive because it’s used as a conversation stopper and/or used as a manipulative tactic. Divisiveness and disagreements shouldn’t have to be ugly. They only become toxic when they’re made to be.

Sidenote: A lot of shit has happened in the years that I’ve been absent from the blog-o-sphere, so my tone will probably be drastically different in some of my posts. While I will do my best to provide some laughs and levity in my posts, there will most definitely be some that will probably touch on my cynical side and dip into my cage of emotions.

The problem is we’ve stopped learning how to critically analyze information and be OK with adapting our standpoints based on new information. This also means we can’t just rely on echo chambers for our sources of information. It also means, we can’t ignore key information just because we don’t like it. This should go without saying, but in the age of Q and fake news it apparently needs to be said; seek and find evidence from multiple LEGITIMATE sources before spouting off things as fact. YouTube…8Chan…not legitimate sources. We went off on a little tangent there, as I’m prone to do now-a-days, it’s an ADHD thing.

So, back to the pandemic. I’ve been struggling with work life and the community in which I live in because we’re moving forward as if the pandemic is completely over, yet only 32% of the population here is vaccinated, and it doesn’t appear the other 68% plan on doing so. Yet, we’re supposed to plan for and move ahead as if everything is back to “normal” and people are using language like “post-pandemic”. We’re not there yet though, and at what point do we stop placating politics over doing the right thing? When do we start prioritizing human decency over the bottom line?

Our society is an individualistic society, and I get that, but when did we start being such dicks about it? When did wearing a mask or getting a shot become such an act of oppression? When did we start confusing inconvenience for the common good for taking away our freedom or liberties? Seriously though, tell me you’ve never actually had to deal with things like discrimination and oppression without telling me…

We are supposed to move ahead as if everything is completely back to normal and that the pandemic isn’t over when we all know things will never be “normal” again, and the pandemic is certainly not over…even if you’re over it. We’re ALL over it.

Co-workers making snide comments at me and coming at me claiming I’m no longer a social person; that the pandemic has changed me. Bitch, I’ve always been this way, you just never took the time to really get to know me. While you were having a meltdown over not being able to be social on a daily basis and using the pandemic as an excuse to be even more un-productive than usual, I was THRIVING! The only thing that has changed maybe is I’m not as willing to sacrifice my needs to appease the needs of others. Compromise sure, but I’m done giving when there is no give-and-take. HAH! Apparently there were some things I needed to work though and get off my chest. So, yeah, work-life is complicated.

I think the pandemic gave me an excuse to embrace the introvert in me, and allowed me to live in isolation without people constantly bombarding me with plans they made without me, but insist I make time to be a part of them or pleading for me to constantly spend time with them because they can’t handle doing things on their own or guilting me with claims that spending so much time by myself is unhealthy. Pffffft! Get the fuck outta here with that nonsense! I don’t want to go back to the way things were. I hated how things were.


2. When it is over, don’t count on me showing up to every function I’m invited to. I’m probably not going to show up to most of them. Even the ones I do show up for, chances are I’m going to spend a bulk of my time in a corner by myself or with the resident dog or pet.

I’m not really sure what my point of this post really is other than to rant, vent, and attempt to get back into the habit of blogging. I’m also feeling super uneasy about the uncertainty of the coming year and not confident my employer has the best interest or safety of the employees in mind if it comes down to us or profit. I live in a state and community that I honestly don’t feel safe in for many complicated factors that encompass more than just the handling of Covid. I’m sure everyone across the country and world are feeling some or all of these things, so all we can do is take things a day at a time and hope for the best.

Be well gentle readers, be well.