Thursday is Tracks Night: Re-united!

I thought it would be appropriate to use this week’s track to commemorate my booked flight to Seattle in March…for what you ask gentle readers?

My response: for a band. 
Let’s do the timewarp!

The year was 1999, and I was at the Starlight Lounge in Ft. Collins. I spent many a nights here feeding my musical palette and learning to appreciate a variety of song stylings. This particular night, I saw Dismemberment Plan, I remember how the poppy and dissonant sound-scapes they created made me downright giddy. 

Pop open a bottle of bubbly…yeah. 
Here’s to another goddamn new year.
And outside, 2 million drunk Bostonians
Are getting ready to sing “Auld Lang Sine”…out of tune.
I sit there in my easy chair, 
looking at the clouds, 
orange with celebration
And I wonder if you’re out there.
Hey! The ice of Boston is muddy
And reflects no light, in day or night
And I slip on it every time 

I was hooked, and I promptly purchased their album and sought out their previous albums. They quickly became one of my all-time favorite bands. I loved their sound and their ability to turn the dissonant into the dramatic and downright psychedelic at times. Sadly, in 2003 they gave up the band life for the “real world,” and it was a sad day indeed
NPR, the awesome music connoisseurs that they are, let me in on a little secret…they’re totally re-united!!! They had a sold out tour on the East Coast and even made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon. O.k., so it wasn’t so much a secret as I was just the last one to know. 


My BFF boo asks me, over a casual chat session aboutsexting last night, if I want to go to a Dismemberment Plan show in Seattle in March. Boo also shares a love of this band; we’re kind of soul-mates, but not in a sexual way. Of course, I was dying to go, but I was juggling the idea and trying to find a way to justify canceling class to make the trip out there. Wait, March 12 is on a Saturday. I could make this work. Wait a minute…my campus’ spring break is in March. Awwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiz, spring break starts that following Monday. The music gods have spoken!

I get to see Dismemberment Plan after all these years in Seattle! Best news ever!!!!!! Even better, I get to hang with my BFF, and I get to see some other great friends that live in Seattle who I haven’t seen since my Yellowstone days. I’m not only excited, but I am Spano-Stoked!

So, I thought it would be proper to use this week’s track posting to take a trip down Nostalgia Way. The song that made me want to hear more, Enjoy!

Dismemberment Plan: Ice of Boston


1. I just want to re-iterate there was only discussion regarding sexting. Actual sexting did not take place. 
P.S. Welcome to my new followers 🙂 I’m stoked you stopped by and stuck around. I look forward to the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and brilliance that is sure to be a by-product from our co-creation of meaning up in this blog-o-sphere!