The Dance of the Shadows



As I sit surrounded by the soundscape of the season, I contemplate the very core of my being. I gaze at the reflection across from me and wonder: is it I or the image across from me that walks in the real and the concrete? Is it I who dances among the shadows or he? These are the fleeting thoughts that I entertain rather than focusing on the task at hand.

Contemplating on the musings of brilliance, I question my significance. Beings on an artificial plane of existence have created and enacted numerous revolutions and uprisings within the blink of an eye. Yet, here I sit trying to crack the formula of success and wonder what piece of myself am I sacrificing to fit the mold.

It is my hope that I dance among the great philosopher kings and not among the shadows. I want to break free from the shadows and live in a world of light. I want to basque in the serenity of  sincereism and the calm that comes with the absolution to do so.  I want to move with the natural soundtracks that this world’s landscapes have to offer.

A world where the known and the unknown merge into an orgy of knowledge and wisdom. This is where my weary mind takes its flight of fancy at this midnight hour. A journey with seemingly no end, a journey, which I am uncertain I desire to return from.


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