Thursday is tracks night…

O.K., so I realize that it is Friday and not Thursday. It has been crazy busy at work this week between teaching and planning a conference set to go off next week, it’s been hard to find some extra time. Really, I lost track of what day it was and completely forgot yesterday was Thursday in all the insanity.

The track I bring to you this week is a fun little ditty from Fol Chen. They have two albums out, and they just happen to be concept albums. The story behind the concept involves John Shade, a representation of evil; muah hah hah hah! Hopefully that and the sample below is enough to entice you to check out more of their stuff. I would love to write more about this, but I am pressed for time and should really be working on that conference planning stuff. So, please check them out and if you like what you hear, the albums are well worth the purchase. The albums also stand on their own and can be enjoyable even without the concept story in mind. The hook in this song Cable TV is both infectious and just downright delightful. Some clever lyrics, and the be-boop music accompaniment will surely brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Enjoy!



  1. SherilinR · February 7, 2011

    i got an email from tracy today asking me to harass you a bit to get your submission sent in. so this is me, nipping at your heels, asking for some competition, so i don't just win by default.


  2. Underground Dude · February 5, 2011

    ::Bowing my head down in shame::


  3. Katsidhe · February 4, 2011

    AverageGirl gave us some challenging arguments to perform! I'm working on mine a little right now instead of sleeping! (O_O)


  4. SherilinR · February 4, 2011

    doesn't your profile say that you're a professor? don't you take points off a grade for not reading directions carefully?
    maybe she'll just put it together, as is, and see how the masses feel about it. gassy, probably.


  5. Underground Dude · February 4, 2011

    I actually sent it in before I realized I was writing on the wrong side of the issue and had to send an email to rescind…

    I am going to have to sleep on it now. My arguments were so compelling on the pro side, it's hard to convince myself otherwise now…


  6. SherilinR · February 4, 2011

    hahaha! this bodes well for me! or maybe you should just send it in as is & let tracy have some fun with that.


  7. Yvonne · February 4, 2011

    cool song!


  8. Underground Dude · February 4, 2011

    Nice to meet you as well. This is going to be harder than I thought, considering I just wrote in favor of flatulence. I need to read directions more carefully. Back to the drawing board…le sigh.


  9. SherilinR · February 4, 2011

    hello, underground dude! i've been assigned to the flatulence topic with you as my sparring buddy, so i thought i'd come over for a howdy-do and perhaps a quick spy on my competition.
    it's very nice to meet you! good luck being opposed to farting!


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