Thursday is Tracks Night…

I’ve decided Thursday nights are an excellent night for posting music (whatever I happen to be especially digging that week). Thursdays are awesome! It’s the day of the week that signals things are about to wind down for a couple of days. I spend my weekends either traveling with the speech team or catching up on what I missed during the week. Either way, music is a must.

Thus, Thursdays are perfect for perusing out what’s new in the music realm and figuring out what I want to feature heavily on my playlist for the weekend.

Today, I discovered Bright Eyes is scheduled to release a new album February 15. Shell Games was featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered, and it is DELIGHTFUL! The hosts of the show agreed the album was “arguably the best the band has made” and one went on to recount with awe that he had not been able to stop listening to the album he has put on perpetual loop taking it with wherever he roam. Needless to say, I’m so…so…SCARED! Wait, no that’s not it—SO EXCITED!

I may even do a “so excited dance” on the album release date. If you have yet to hear Shell Game, enjoy!


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