What makes pop music POP?

No! I wanna hear THE song! This isn’t THE song!
Tonight we’re going har-har-h-h-h hard 
Just like the world is our-our-ah-ah-ah ours! 
We’re tearing it apar-par-par-pa-pa-pa part 
You know we’re superstars 
We R who we R!

So, you know the one. It’s a catchy tune that makes you wanna stop what you’re doing and dance a jaunty jig.

This artist also has an excellent track that is perfect for van cage dancing.

Talkin pedicures on our toes (toes), tryin on all our clothes (clothes),
Boys blowin up our phones (phones), drop toppin…

That’s right, gentle readers, none other than Ke$ha. 

Let’s face it, her lyrics are well, ya know…silly (feel free to substitute your own term here, as I realize my attempt at providing an accurate descriptor while maintaining a certain witty-ness (fail) may not be a satisfying adjective). Yet, I can’t help but sing along and bob my head along. Don’t even get me started on Tik Tok. When this catchy little tune comes on through the car stereo, t…t…turn it up (up) (up), it’s all over. I get the uncontrollable urge to dramatically slap a hand on the window, followed by an immediate equally dramatic slap up on the roof, proceeded by a sexy romp. It’s not her lyrics that make her music dazzle or pop, if you will. I mean the girl can’t even spell and WTF is drop toppin!?!?. So, what is it? Luckily, Lynne@ was able to provide me with all the answers!


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